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Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Alignment


Lay back and relax while I play each quartz crystal singing bowl tuned to each chakra (energy centers in your body) over you. The vibrations will emanate through your cells, balance and unblock your energy centers. I also tap into each center a crystal for each chakra with a tuning for for each chakra. You will take the crystals home with you to continue your work. I also integrate aromatherapy and positive affirmations to really get the kundalini energy flowing and dislodge stuck energy.


Expect to be here for at least an hour


Spiritual Counseling Geared at Emotions Trapped in Energy Centers


This is a way to clear old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. We will replace the old with new positive affirmations.  Each chakra center expresses itself throughout our lives. They are expressed through emotions, behaviors and through the functions of our body. When we are unbalanced we can experience depression, anxiety, fear, addictions, anger, self-destructive behaviors, and greed. When we are balanced we feel safe, positive, loved, and empathetic, doing things from the heart center and for the good of all. When we are finished you will feel lighter and more grounded. You will be ready to incorporate new ways of being and embrace the magic life has to offer.


 $75 for an 1 1/2 session


Spirit Animal Reading


Let the animals guide you into remembrance of your strengths and purpose here on this planet. A 5 card spread will be tailored to your needs. You will leave with confidence in where to put your energy and a connection with what strengths the animals are offering you.

$60 expect at least an hour with me


Cross Cultural Shamanic Journey Work


  I will journey on your behalf with my spirit guides to see what needs to be addressed on your spirit side. Things that can come up are *soul retrievals, *power animal retrievals, *removing energy that doesn't belong to you and *unblocking stuck energy. We end each session with sound healing and healing with light. Each session is different, but plan on at least 20 minutes in consultation, 1 1/2-2 hours journey and at least 20 minutes to talk about what work was done. You will be given homework to help integrate the work. You are then encouraged to check back in within 2 weeks to talk about the shifts that have occurred and address any questions.

*Soul retrieval- in traumatic times, a healthy part of our soul may choose to leave to be safe. Many times it finds it's way back, but sometimes it doesn't know it is safe or can't find it's way. If you have ever heard someone say, "I haven't been the same since...." this can indicate a soul loss.

*Power animal retrieval- we all have a power animal that supports us and guides us through life. Sometimes we lose touch like we do an old friend. We can bring the animal back and learn how it is there to support you and ways to honor it.

*Removing energy- sometimes if we have space that is open from a soul loss, other energy can fill its place that doesn't belong to you. We can remove that energy and fill it with light so nothing else can come into its place.

*Unblocking stuck energy- we can sometimes have blocked energy flow that just needs help moving so we can have a healthy flow of life force through our bodies.

Journey work is $150


If you have any questions feel free to stop into the store and talk with me.

Peace, love and light,

Bree Crane