Welcome to Bree's Way

  Since I was 18 years old, I wanted a consignment clothing store named "Bree's Way"...pretty sure an old co-worker, Jeff Jones, helped come up with the name.

After a lifetime of working retail jobs, this dream has finally come to fruition. I have worked retail jobs since I was 16 years old...now 30 years later, finally I have my own shop!!!


 I was the store manager for Jambo World Crafts in Eugene, OR for the last 10 years and Carol finally decided to part with the store and let me purchase it! The Crane family is so grateful and excited for this opportunity!

 I appreciate the vast selection of items in the store and will maintain all the products regular customers love. I have added a used clothing rack that is doing great and may increase to multiple racks if it keeps selling so quickly! I am also adding more locally made items to create a Eugene vibe that can be experienced when the Saturday Market is not going on. We are also adding some organic essential oils, diffusers, tinctures and teas available for the students, to help with the seasonal bugs that always follow each new school year!  My husband John has helped build a tapestry rack , making the back room a great black light , tapestry, poster display room! Come check it out, it's a must see!

  I hope to create a community space where artisans can sell their clothing, jewelry, glass, etc... Please help spread the word and come to the store to support a local family!